Are england playing this weekend?


Do you love rugby? if yes, why?

cricket yes start Wednesday night,
rugby union yes against South Africa
football no

hope this helps

Who thinks Canada will win a match in 2007? Can't we even beat Fiji?


Does anyone fancy a game of Rugby? Apparently Ipswich are getting a bit short of hookers at present!?

Yes our young gods take the field in a couple of days, lets hope the Australians don't spoil it (again)

Who is NZ's best centre this season?

england have never played in there lives..

Hi.are there any south africans out there that can tell me what the hell is up with the boks.?

As you ask this question in the RUGBY section, yes, England play RSA again on Saturday, hope it will not be as boring as last Saturdays game!
Good need it these days:)

Which two teams are most likley to meet in the world cup ,?

Yes they are and I'll be there!

Who was the legendary player of all blacks rugby team who I saw at 2001-2002 season?

Yes but as far as I know due to corrupt dealings between the RFU and sky the game will only be on Sky and the so called highlights that's a laugh will probably be shown on some obscure digital channel at an unearthly hour.

Why do New zealand and Australria not choose players who play their club rugby abroad?


Whats the score gonna be at croke park this weekend?

They may stand on a pitch but what I have seen really does not constitute playing. It is more theatrical...'A comedy of Errors.'

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