All Blacks vs Wales?

Question:Wales believe that they are the only team at the moment that can beat the All Blacks. Artical in newspaper stating that Wales will put a end to the rolling black wave.

Does any one really think Wales can beat the All Blacks on Saturday.


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Hopefully, yes!
Realistically, no!
But I think they will give them a better run for their money than the other teams have done during this Autumn series!

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well my friend my money is on the slightly purple yet teal with polka dotes the color of tongues team

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Nope :) New Zealand are the strongest team out there. Two full strength squads, they can pick from 30 great players to play. I'd even go far as to say Ireland stand a better chance and are a better team. However, I don't think they can beat them either, they're just a bit too strong for everyone. Not to mention they dodgy tactics they pull, crossing, controlling the scrum by making sure they engage when they want and not when the ref says so, etc.

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i dont think they(wales)can do it.if there is any team that can , i would say it is ireland.offcourse if the springboks where playing their first team,who knows what might happen.

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I hope, pray, wish, want it to be true.

But I don't think so.

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Ha ha ha.!
All Blacks are going to kick the C.R.A.P. out of Wales.!
Loyality makes them believe that they can win.!

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All blacks are the best rugby team at the moment, so i don't think anyone can beat them

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wales nearly beat the ab's in the world cup. only a forward pass to howlett put the abs over the line to win the game!

seriously - i dont think wales will make a dent in the abs this weekend. Shane williams is tiny and cannot defend the likes of nonu etc

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The All Blacks are going to tear the Welsh apart. They are the strongest rugby team in the world and have been for many years. Their defense is solid, they're team work as a unit - what else can I say?

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Ha ha, you've got to love to Welsh for coming up with such funny jokes. Maybe if it was a World Cup Semi final yes, coz All Blacks always seem to choke there, then maybe, but otherwise they should get ready for a thrashing.

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I really hope that Wales can beat New Zealand, although to be honest I dont think it will really happen. At the moment Wales give away too many penalties, and New zealand will definitely take advantage of this.

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I hope so!

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they can try and hopefully they will

Thanks v much for St Helens replies but can you help with .?

I don't think they'll win, the margin? Well we'll know when the final whistle blows.
Wales are funny as they keep ref to the close game we had 2 yrs ago but can't/won't remember the game from last yr where we killed them 41-3.
They all think they can beat us if they do this and do that which I find is all the basic stuff. Im not saying they can't do it, what im saying is do they have the stamina to do it for the full 80?
Watch this space!

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all i can say is (COME ON WALES)

Isnt it great how some rugby players are well educated/ trained in other proffessions as well.?

I wish I could say yes! Unfortunately I think the All Blacks are just too good at the moment, but hopefully Wales will manage to turn it into a match.

What did you think of the Ireland v France match at Croke Park?

Yep I do. Now they have a full team back and are playing with self belief I think they can do it. No I am not welsh and am up in Scotland. The crowd can lift Wales to glory.

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