Can you help me come up with a team name?

A few rugby pals and myself are starting a new youth team. As of today we are on the books as South City, however we want a mascot or team name. Would you like to help? The girls picked out their colors (black and pink! yikes!) on the condition the coaches would pick out the name. Send me your ideas! Thanks!


Will the english national anthem be played in croke park??

The Joey Ramone Memorial Rugby Team!
Gabba Gabba Hey!

Do you think we should sing the english national anthem rather than the british ?

The Lafayette Weasels.

Was Willie Mason's punishment just right or too soft?

The Sloggers says a lot to me

Princess Anne's comments at Scotland rugby International..?

chicks in pink or chicks in black

In the six nations rugby tournament!?

South City Skinks.

Did any one see the Munster/ Bourgoin match?

wat do u like??

Stormers are my team...but what is wrong with them?

The Panthers
The Alley Cats
South City Squeelers

Should 6nations be a European Tournament?


Is there any chance of getting two tickets for the Scotland v England Rugby match in Edinburgh on 25/2/06?

The South City Suductresses

Why is a hooter used to terminate a rugby league game ?

The Six of Hearts (using number of teammates)
South City Angels
The Rugby Rangers

Who watched the Rugby episode of MADE?

Is this a girls team? If so, how about the "Sirens"? After all they were the mytholigical creatures that lured sailors to their death with their beauty.

Who scored the first british four point rugby league try in 1983 and which club were they playing for?


What are the chances that both of my favourite teams,Wales and West Ham..will win today?

Pink Panthers
Flower Power
Girl Power

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