Are you coming?


Welsh rugby game against Ital the ref made the wrong decision at the end of the last ten secs do u agree?

No, its just the way im standing..

The Reebok Stadium?

what? no

What is the front line called in rugby union?

you must be a mind-reader

How many points will England win by at Croke Park on Saturday?

Not yet but breathing heavy.

What is the theme song to the Rugby Rountable?

I'm on my way baby! Should I get dressed first, or streek right on over?

Where can I buy Super 14 Rugby Jerseys online?

yes i will come with you every where when you trust me and you give me the world's preciest thing ie "friendship."

Should women be playing Rugby?

I already did.

Thanks, though.

Ashton's 6 nations Team?

are you ready?

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