Can cleats be washed in a washing machine? If not, what is the alternative?


How much do English / Australian Rugby League players get paid?

If you want to buy a new set of spikes they can, otherwise It is just a long night of digging, picking and scrubbing. I usually use an old toothbrush, a butterknife and a good amount of paper towels/old rags. You don't need to use soap, or an excessive amount of water, just enough to loosen the grit and scrub it out. Use as much water as you want to clean your brush, but don't put much if any on the boots themselves, except what clings to the brush or towel. I find it easier to let the mud dry if you have the time, that way you can smack it on the ground to loosen it up and then get whatever you couldn't knock off.

Who loves playing rugby?

A good scrubbing with a stiff brush

Why has London asps and Wycome Wanderers stadium been renamed from 'The Causeway' to 'Adams Park'?


Who wiil think will win to day?

Remove the larger chunks of mud by banging the boots together several times.

Get a bucket and fill it with hot water and dishwashing liquid. Get a scrubbing brush and scrub the boots while dipping the brush in the water.

When they're both been scrubbed rinse them off underneath an outside tap (preferably). Shake the majority of the water off then use old newspaper to dry them off. If water got inside the boots place balled up newspaper inside them.

Do rugby players urinate on the pitch?

blast them with a hose, then apply dubbing when dry :)

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Not a good idea, Depending on what there made of wash in a bucket of warm soapy water using a scrub brush and stuff with old newspapers to dry. If made from leather you may wnat to treat with dubbin or other waterproofing. Claean as soon as possible after a game.

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