Andy Farrell in Rugby Union?

Do you think that he has made the right decision in going over to Union and if you agree, what position should he play at?


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Travellin Bry.??... What are you on about you tool??

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Surley that gives the halfs plenty of time to decide what they are gonna do next?

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Ill tell you why ? Because the players are more skillful

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Personally he made the right decision as it';s the end of his career and he's probably picking up a big fat pay cheque for doing very little.

His best position has to be waterboy I think. Should have stuck to the easier of the 2 codes, league, not a smuch skill involved

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i think he come to union at the right time for him not the code to pick up a big wage packet , where he playes will depend on if he get to play any time before he get his pension..we have in union alott better and alott younger to worry about...

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It does seem unusual that he would wait until this late in his career to change codes. I can't really imagine it's for the money as he would have been earning good money in League too. More likely he wanted to challenge himself more and I am sure he was encouraged by one England coach desperate for talent (in the Centre!)

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Farrell will walk straight into the England team..he is far more talented than at least 80% of Union players, because the handling skills of League players are far superior.. Exactly the same as Jason Robinson did.

Union players who go into League always struggle to make an impact. League players who go to Union are always very successful, because they find the game easier and not as physical.

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good decision but not sure on what possition he should play :)

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The guy has took a risk, but he's more than proved himself in league. He's been voted the best player in the world, which not many brits have been in recent times, won pretty much everything on offer and cemented his reputation as a great of the game.

However, I imagine most people in this country, particularly those not from the north of England, have/had never heard of Andy Farrell before his switch to union. I think its a chance for him to not only test himself in a new game and earn some good money, but to use the extra media interest that union generates, particularly in terms of the international fixtures, to show the country what Andy Farrell is capable of.

Also, I think his passing and kicking skills are best utilised playing in the backs

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