Andy Farrel?

What the hell happened to his England Rugby Union career? I thought he transferred from league to boost the England squad...And then it all went quiet!


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Unfortunately the franchise of Rugby Union outshines the Super league of Rugby League..Andy Farrell went for the money that was shoved under his nose and then got injured.
He has a family to support so fair do's for leaving Wigan but a loss to League!!
He ISN'T the talent that everyone raves about though! There are far more influential playerds within League at least.i know nothing about Union so I couldnt say!

Rugby studs?

he left wigan to join union while he as injured.. he spent the last 18 months injured then finaly played his 1st competitive match about a month ago

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It has hardly been quiet. Every game he plays seems to get reported. A week has not gone by since the beginning of the season stating how talented Farrell is, what his best posistion is and what a model professional sportsman he is.

20% through the season and not played a full 80 minute game yet.

After losing in the 1999 rugby world cup semi final to France, the All Blacks claimed that?

But when ( if) Andy Farrell finally gets going, watch him go.
He will be a man on a mission with something to prove.

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