All aussies and kiwi footie fans?

Who thinks what wille maison did is wrong?


World xv team...?

What he did was wrong he should not be able to disrespect another countrys culture and get away with it, but then again it shows they have to stoop real low to beat us kiwi's....hahaha

When do tickets for the 6 nations 2007 go on sale?

go the Aussies, his ploy worked a treat,Willies known as a bad boy,but i guess he didn"t think the non kiwi it was aimed at or his team mates would cry so hard over it. GO the eel"s.

Why have the RFU started putting Six Nations Matches on a Sunday - Its too hard to get up on Monday!?

about the haka . no its allright good for the game .bring it on .go the kiwis

Ifmy coach said the top 10 people who placed will be picked for next years team and will be decided at the end

Willie is an idiot! all out.

Cussing out symbols of another person's culture on TV..everything I want as a role model for my kids.

Ongoing cussing for the viewing audience
Disrespect of others
Disrespect for the Game of Rugby
And racism...
And able to get people to stand behind him as if to say it is okay

I am sure glad the world has people like this in it. It would be way to peaceful without them.

Maybe the games should start with "your mother" jokes being exchanged and racial slurs to get the game really going well.

Is there a minimum number of players to participate in US High School RFU tournaments (boys & girls)?

well I definitely think that his actions during the Haka were inappropriate...I mean how would he like it if we started cursing at him during the Australian National Anthem.the only upshot was that he got SMACKED the crap out of him from one of the Kiwi players...other than that the rest of the australian team and Kiwi team were AWESOME to watch.

Willie Mason did he deserve a black eye?

Dammit, I'm stuck in the US and missed the whole thing. Any idea where to find video footage?

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