Calling all south africans?

you do you think is gona win the rugby on saterday?


Name the sport associated with Flinders Park?

Sweet angel die BLOU BULLE gaan gatskop more!!
Rassie's men are going down!


Why do we (england) seem unable to produce decent fly half's? New Zealand seem to have thousands.?

Dunno. Lost interest when the Sharks lost out.

Where can I watch the 6 nations (Irish supporter!)?

Sharks supporter shouting for the Cheetahs now go Vrystaat.

Is rugby big in argentina?

Hopefully the BULLS!!!

Did you hear the frogs crokeing in Dublin?

Blou Bulle

Which teams played rugby union at Teddington 1958 - 1961?

I think the Cheetahs even though I hate them the difference is that Rassie has proved himself a rather clever coach. By that I mean he went to school.

Nick Easter has been selected to play for England...?

VRYSTAAT,VRYSTAAT!!! i only cheer for blou bulle in the super 14 cause no other sa team do as well as them.ok maybe the sharks..sometimes.

How do you play rugby?

Pote Human en sy Blou Bulle gaan nie antwoorde he vir Rassie se disco ligte nie. Maar dit gaan n tawwe game wees.

Vrystaat 23 Blou Bulle 20

Speler van die wedstryd
Phillip Burger of Kabamba Floors

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