Can i exercise even though i have dislocated my acromio-clavicular joint?


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I would always suggest double check with your GP, you don't want to damage yourself further.

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Depends when you did it and what exercise you intend to do.

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Painfully I would think!

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A little horizontal jogging is unlikeley to damage it further, abstain from other excercise.

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You can exercise but get reccommendations from your doctor to find out what exactly it is you can and can't do. You definately do not want to overdo it and get injured further.

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Depending on the severity dictates your return to anything with contact. Low impact fitness training should be fine, such as biking and elliptical. If jogging irritates it, avoid it, but if it doesn't aggravate the sprain it should be fine. Lower body and core work would be the best to focus on, but nothing that causes weight bearing on your shoulders (no squats, cleans, bench, etc.) If you haven't gotten advice from your MD, PT, ATC or chiropractor, you might want to see one. They are going to be the best to give you advice since they can actually evaluate your injury, because some situations require complete stability so no exercise is allowed, but I've known mild sprains where they could do under the shoulder lifts within a week, it all depends on your severity.

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