Can WP do it again this weekend against the bulls?

who thinks that WP can make it 3 in a row against the BULLS this weekend?there is no greater rivalary in the currie cup than a showdown between province and the a capetown boy,so we all know who im supporting.GO WP!!!


How do you play Rugby?

Of course they will!~ They bloody better! They have the players and they're the underdogs (why I don't understand) We have convincingly beat them both times in the currie cup this year and I can't wait for tomorrow to see the faces of my bull supporting friends when they lose AGAIN!

Whats the best channel to watch rugby on in the USA?

Well my vote goes for the BULLS!!!

What time is that Eng./Ireland Rugby match on today? In NYC. Thanks.?

hope not

What is a good bet?

Sorry people, but the Bulls are gonna take it back home this year, GO BULLS!!

Why is england playing new zealand in rugby union on a sunday?

'lo, obviously not! bulls will be bulls, which means they'll be the best and be the champs on their homefield. bulls 4 ever, as always!

Can someone explain to me how to play rugby?

WP is going to kick _ _ S

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