Anybody got any good rugby union tips for season?


Are there any Italian players in English Rugby League?

Tips as in playing or as in watching

Well I'm gonna say just for the sake of it that Australia will beat Wales, Italy and Scotland, WOOOOO! Go Australia


-Go Wallabies!

How many girls play rugby and do guys like girls on the team?

yes if it an amature club your playing for you need the following

club drink chair (incharge of getting ppl to pub after game)

fines master ( in charge of collecting fines)

challenge master (in charge of all drinking games (diffrent every game)

everyone open to get fines for suff like not wareing club logo in pub after game

missing the golden oppertunity

forgetting kit

wareing jeans to and after game

well thats some of our stuff at our clud anyway

Can cleats be washed in a washing machine? If not, what is the alternative?

Try not to get a huge black eye like I did today because everyone tries to hit it then.

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