Have you had anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction?

How was the rehabilitation, and can you play rugby as well as you could before?


Playin' rugby overseas?

Didn't have reconstruction had ACL transplant. Rehab was work but I followed instructions and exercised like crazy and now I am able to do everything I could before I blew out my knee. I still think therapists are a little sadistic but in a good way. I have never played rugby. Oh, I should mention that I had this done when I was 59 years old and If I can do the therapy you can too.

Why rugby players don't dance after a try?

yup, rehab was fine although physiotherapists can be quite nagging (suppose they're only doing their job), never played rugby before but apparently after proper rehab you could get back in the same shape as before. it just takes a lotta exercise and patience

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