Can south africa's rugby team win the world cup again?


How many players are there in a rugby team ??

Since you make use of the word CAN my answer would be yes. Just don't now when that CAN would be

Anybody got any good rugby union tips for season?

Not at the next World Cup, but in the future yes.

Does anyone know how I can watch Rugby matches?

No but i bet the BLOU BULLE can win that world cup!


Briefly tell me the rules and scoring scheme of Rugby !?

probably if they try hard to win it tell them not to give up hope it will come

Is umaga still paying for the all blacks?

of course they could but if i was to put money on it i would put it with the aussies or the all blacks ,but they have as much chance as england south africa but then again u need luck and to stay injury free so i tip them 4 the last 8 maybe the semis sorry but being honest here.

6 Nations Cup?

Of course they can! New Zealand is seen as the best rugby team at present and yet the Springboks just beat them and the Aussies. What will actually happen nobody knows! The Boks have their ups and downs so you never know what you're in for when they go onto the field, but one thing is for sure a World Cup is a different story to just another international. Take the All Blacks: Whenever the question about the best team in the world is raised 90% of objective people will say the kiwis. Yet they haven't won a world cup since 1987 but have been favourites just about every time! Am rooting for the BOKS and will never stop believing in my team! PS GO PROVINCE FOR CURRIE CUP SEMI'S VS bulls.

Does anybody play rugby or hurling?

yes,i think they have a real opportunity to clinch it this time.the 5 straight losses that we suffered ( 1 to france and 4 in the tri nations)came at exactly the right time for the forced jake white to use his brains a bit harder and make some changes which worked much better than the hair brained game plan the boks were employing week after week.also the moral of the players themselves suffered after losing 5 times in a row,only to hit back by beating the kiwis,the best team in the world,thereby lifting their hearts and minds and then going on to beat the wallabies.all this has happened at a very strategic time for the bokke.they have ended the tri nations on a high.they have taken alot of physcological ups and downs and are now all the stronger for it.they have learned to come out fighting and winning,when their backs were against the wall.they have to keep this momentum up when they go to europe at the end of the year and if they can make a clean sweep there,then i think they will be able to bring home the WORLD CUP.GO BOKKE!!!

I separated my shoulder or something in a rugby match-help!?

Possibly, this year the All Blacks are really good, but the unexpected team usually wins the World Cup. Who knows, maybe Scotland will win this time.

What are the dates for the Six Nations Rugby in 2007?

Everyone says no but seriously man, after their Tri Nations knock out of the Wallabies I think they were only playing weak against the All Blacks and the Wallabies through the other games so there wouldn't be as much pressure on them next year at the RWC. They have as much chance as anyone and I like South African rugby, you guys will do well next year, but not as well as my Wallabies! :)

-Go Wallabies!

Name the welsh squad to play canada in rugby on friday /17th 2006?

No the all blacks will

Gloucester rfc

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