Can you give me a good (sports-related) quotation about putting your opponent to the sword when you're ahead?

Question:Please include the source of the quotation.



Come on, does somebody know if ma´a nonu has a girlfriend? me and a friend have a bet goin´ on!?

They used to say: "Don't rub it in" - the opposite, when you're winning easily.
What you doing up that tree, man?

What county in Ireland is the manager of the irish rugby team Eddy O Sullivan from?

You have been weighed,and measured,and you have been found wanting(or lacking).

Will Hull or Bradford be able to stop St.Helens winning the Super League Grand Final this month?

"When ahead of the game, disembowel him with the trusty Claymore".

Get out of my house.

IRELAND. Triple Crown Winners. Three cheers for Ireland ?

play till the whistle (in this case full time whistle)

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