Can usa plz invade queensland brisbane nuke em?


New england rugby league shirt size medium.where can i buy one?

sure you pay me 5 million in advance and another 5 after the job is done

ENGLAND RUGBY - Anyone able to identify the point at which it all started to go wrong?

why did they win the rugby game

Who should win the rugby world cup and who will win?

See you next Footy Season. Go the Titans.

Who is the hottest rugby player in England?

We wouldn't want to nuke our allies! Australia is a friend of the U.S. and that would never happen. We could Nuke anybody out there, but we learned a lesson from previous NUKES, that this is not a way to go. Any country with a desire to use nukes, would be pushing a button that would bring an end to mankind. This may eventually happen, but for any country to intentionally use these weapons would be signing their own death warrant. Have Fun!!

Stuart barnes?

Shaun Shaun Shaun... it's just a game.

French rugby, Top 14 or Top 16?

there is a fundamental flaw in your idea of bombing brissie.

i live here and i support the storm, so do many others.

i think this is what's wrong with the world, we get upset with minor things and go to extremes to resolve them.

but i hear your anger and know you're upset about tonight's game, but don't despair, as in reality it was 'just a game'.

look forward to next year, yeah.

In a recent World Cup (1999?) I believe Australia had an English-born prop forward playing for them. Can anyon

Oh dear, did Melbourne lose? How sad. Never mind (nya-nya nyh nya-nay)

Who is south africa playing in rugby on the 18 november 06?

sour grapes, even if youd got the call you still woulda lost, the storm pfffft. got the broncos

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