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Question:I am 16 years old, 5'1", 100 pounds and am described as a "mini-model" at school. Yet, I DO want to play rugby and since there is only ONE team, it has to be with the boys.
Most of my friends think it's suicide. I'm actually interested in a new sport.
I know the basics like, 80 minutes non-stop with no subs and there are the frontliners and the backliners, no "side-arm tackles", no blocking and you can only tackle the ball holder. (pretty good eh?)
So I'm fast and can tackle...but I'm $hit scared!


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First, congratulations on your bravery but really, play womens Rugby. It's safer and you'll like it better.

Since your school doesn't have a womens program contact your a local Rugby club and they will help you find a team. I know in Ontario, women are not allowed to play with men, I suspect it's the same in other places as well. It's too dangerous.

If you are not sure who your local Rugby Club is ask the coach/coaches of the boys team, they will likely be affiliated with a club and be able to point you in the right direction.

On the outside chance if you are in Toronto, play for the Nomads. They have two senior womens teams as well as womens under 19 and womens under 17. It's a great game, you'll enjoy it.


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Rugby is a great sport because players of all sizes can be successful. You should try to play in the scrum half position, the scrum half is like the quarterback of rugby. You will have to work on the delivery of the ball, ball handling and tactics. Fitness is very important and team play is paramount to playing well. There are excellent rugby camps for players of all abilities, check with your coach for those programs near you. Go forward, support and have fun with the game.

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actually, there are subs...and its called the forwards and the backs.

but youre pretty much there.

just visit one of the rugby sites to see the laws (there are no rules in rugby, just LAWS) of the game.

but my advice is, you should never be scared. once youre scared, youre almost out.

im sure you will put on weight once you join the team.

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you can't actually play with lads, if your female, unless your under about 12 so i'd find a girls team and you'll pick everything up from there

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for ur size you would most likely be a scrum half for which u need to study a lot of technique be very crafty and be an excellent passer of the ball my advice would be to watch plenty of proper rugby matches preferably from european or the tri nations teams( new zealand australia south africa) as for the fear thing it is very inadvisable to play with fear as this causes injuries however once you start training the fear will most likely leave your game .as for playing with the boys team its probably not the best idea even though im all for equality in sport all it would need is one forward from an opposing team to decide he wanted to rough u up and scrum halves are usually the recipients of this attention so if at all possible you should maybe learn with the boys team and try to play with a womens team apart from that enjoy urself cos its a great sport

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Im going to join a rugby team too...and a girls team isnt alot eaisier BTW!

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