A recent article in the Daily Mail suggested BMI was not a good measure of health?


If Jonah Lomu has a BMI of 32 but is not considered clinically obese then there must be a problem with the system. I reckon most rugby players would call him Fatty Fatty FAT FAT in the changing rooms.

What do you think?


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I don't think many players would call him "Fatty Fatty FAT FAT" as he's double most peoples' size

Have you ever been more proud to be Irish than today?

It is not an indicator of health
Just fat
You can be fat and healthy

Welsh rugby game against Ital the ref made the wrong decision at the end of the last ten secs do u agree?

Wait, they've only just picked up on this? This was well documented YEARS ago, Matthew Pinsent being the "obese" sportsman in question..

I'm Looking For Some Good 'Body Building' Web Sites, Can Anybody Help Me With This?

BMI is a very crude assessment. I know a number of people who go to my gym, are fatter than me (not that I am fat) but who are fitter.

Surely fitness is the over-riding factor people should look at, is it not?

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The Daily Mail is not a good measurement of a newspaper.

Congratulations to our Scottish cousins.?

Well the Daily Mail get their knickers in a knot about every little thing, so I'd take what they say with a pinch of salt. It's a scaremongering rag for old biddies and the braindead. And for the record, they were wrong about the MMR jab. So there.

And Jonah Lomu isn't fat, he's built like a brick shitehouse and there's a difference.

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It doesn't measure stuff like cancer, of fitness. Just fatness. I've got a lowish BMI, but I'm far from fit. Muscle weighs more than fat anyway.

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I really dont agree with that. Because if it was true that would mean that all the rugby people would be classed as abese and how can they be

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