Can you where blades to play rugby or do you have to wear metal studs?


Well that was a shocker , didnt think we would do it , Wales done well in the end who else thinks so ?

You are allowed to wear blades.
(a) Studs of players’ boots must conform with the IRB Specifications
(Regulation 12).
(b) Moulded rubber multi-studded soles are acceptable provided they
have no sharp edges or ridges.

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you can where blades but if you are in the scrum then it is best to where metal studs!!!

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wtf u want to wear blades.. think the rule is only studs.for the stomping and stuff that goes on

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Yes you can wear blades.

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Actually most refs will NOT allow you to wear blades, at least in the midwest. Blades are too easy to be filed and used as weapons on the pitch. Studs dont have to be metal but studs are preferred.

As a rugby ref, our union and region will not allow blades to be worn.

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Ask the Sir before the game. I know a lot of back line players that wear blades, but I think they have to be molded. Best bet is to ask the Sir.

If you are in the pack, I wouldn't suggest it. Blades are for speed and manuevering on the field. You need stability in the scrum, so stick with metal.

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you can where blades but only if they are blunt and have no scratches in them but metal studs are better

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Yes you can wera blades provided there are no rough edges or metal on the bottom of them

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When at school (about 7 years ago, in the UK) it was always metal studs. Plastic/moulded studs can get sharp edges very easily just from walking about and are dangerous.

That said, getting raked on the back of the the thigh with metal studs still f*cking hurt.

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