Can my son wear Adidas Tunit F50 football boots to play rugby in, you can't change the studs to rugby ones.


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Football boots are for that purpose!
You may as well send him out to play in his slippers!!!
Around £30 should get him a pair of RUGBY boots. Advise ankle protection and steel toe. Protect his feet - he'll thank you for it one day.

Rugby and football player myself

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yes he can play in them! avoid the big clumsy looking ankle high steel toed boots especailly if he is a back!

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Yes and No. All depends on what position you're son plays. Soccer studs are shorter than rugby studs so you're son might struggle to get decent grip. The stud position on rugby and football boots are different so you cant really change the studs.

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Football boots are far more flimsy than rugby ones. My son's school is unusual in that it plays both sports and the head of PE go;s to great lengths to convince parents of the dangers of playing rugby using football boots. He has a number of pictures showing examples of injuries that occur when wearing the wrong footwear. Ultimately if your son is just playing touch rugby then he should be fine. But if it's competitive or full contact then you should get him the right boots.

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Don't worry about the studs. He is better off with football studs.

I changed the studs in my Adidas boots to rugby ones and the ref told me to change them all back during the pre game inspection as they were too long.

Refs only tend to check length and if they are sharp.

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Give him the right equipment, either that or he will ruin his ankles for life.
I agree with answer for £30 you will be saving in the long run

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It depends on if he is playing in the forwards or the backs and the field conditions. If you are in the backline and on hard surfaces then soccer boots are key. A lot of the top players are now playing in soccer boots in the backlines nowdays due to the comfort level. However if they are playing in muddy conditions / wet fields, then true rugby boots are better. If he is a forward, then go for rugby boots with ankle support.

The boots I and other top players are using is the Addidas Preditor series. They are however expensive, so I would look for the cheaper pairs if I were you if he is starting out.


Been playing from 6 to now 28!

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