Can anyone explain the game


What the best way to visit England to watch great rugby?

It is explained in depth here.

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rugby the best game in the world! where a lot of seriously big men charge around the pitch throwing themselves in huge piles of arms and legs any chance they get, and sometimes grabbing the ball and running like hell

Where can an American watch some rugby on tv?

Yep. ---
"Football sport made up of two variant codes-rugby union and rugby league. The sport was first developed in the 1820s at Rugby School in England. In 1895 a dispute over professionalism between the Rugby Football Union and several clubs in northern England led to the creation of rugby league (always a professional sport). Rugby union became fully professional in 1995. The game is played by teams of 15 (union) or 13 (league) members each, using an inflated oval ball. The ball may be kicked, carried, or passed laterally or backward (but not forward). The object is to score goals (worth three points) by kicking the ball between the uprights of the opponent's goal, or tries (worth five points in union play, four in league), by grounding the ball behind the opponent's goal line. A conversion kick (worth two points) is attempted after scoring a try. Both rugby union and rugby league have international play and world cup tournaments. Rugby is most popular in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand."
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Who will win the 2007 6 Nations Championship and will it be through a Grand Slam, Triple Crown or French Win?

It is a game b/w the two teems ,played by hockey & allthe players sit on horse & playing with hockey

Do you think rugby should be ban because it leads to...?

rugby is a game not played by india or ne ocntry of the indian subcontinent.

rugby is a game where you score goals. in this game 'goals' is a different thing and it is 'touchdowns'. all you must do is cross all your opponents and don't let them takle through you. it is a very rough game.

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Are you retarded?
They aren't called "goals," they're called "Trys"
A try is scored by having the ball cross the plane of the Try line, and touch the ground while still in clear posession of the ball-carrier.

Hull kingston rovers / will they get up?

I prefer soccer but there many sources you can find info from... If you're looking for opinions about it, I think it is too violent and boring

Is Tana Umaga still playing Super rugby?

Hey paintball guy....r u is tri's...not trys

Anybody Knows the value of 1995 rugby world cup original picture frame?

it is a game between two teams where one team consists of 15 players. a team itself can be split into 2 sections:
1) forwards
2) backs

forwards are usually the big bulky players who go bulldozing around the field while the backs are usually the smaller ones who are the fast speedy players. in a team, there are 8 forwards and 7 backs.
the forward pack as it is called consists of,
1) 2 props
2) 1 hooker
3) 2 locks
4) 2 flankers
5) 1 8-man

while the backline cosists of
1) 1 scrumhalf
2) 1 flyhalf
3) 2 centres (an inside-centre and an outside-centre)
4) 2 wingers
5) 1 fullback.

the objective of the game is to score as many points as possible. and these can be scored through
1) tries - similar to touchdowns in american football just that in rugby you must ground the ball for it to be considered a try (worth 5 points)
2) conversions - similar to point after touchdown in american football. however the position of where a conversion is taken from is determined by where the try is scored and the conversion must be taken in line with the try but from any distance (worth 2 points)
3) penalty kicks - if a penalty occurs and it is within kickable range for a team's kicker, the team can choose to go for the penalty kick. similar to a conversion, it is taken where the penalty occured, but can be taken any distance in line with the spot but only behind the spot and not in front. (worth 3 points)
4) drop goals - it can be done anytime in the game. to do it a player must do a drop kick, dropping the ball onto the ground, afterwhich it will bounce, and kicking it between the posts (worth 3 points)

in open play passes can only go backwards. forward passes result in infringements. players can kick anytime during game play. when a ball goes out of play, a lineout occurs. it is similar to throw in which happens in soccer.

tackles can be done in any way but a tackle on a player cannot be above his shoulders i.e head, neck. players can use any part of their body to tackle except their legs.

yea i think thts the basics? haha im not sure if i missed out anything

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