Are there any people out there who like Irish Rugby but are not Irish?

I'm Scottish but I find watching my own team is like watching paint dry, (although they are getting better), but I find the Irish team and their games more interesting and I enjoy watching them play. I support them too - but some of my pals think it is weird, cause I should support Scotland, but I think its OK to support any team regardless of their nationality, if you enjoy the sport and a team it a good hobby anyway regardless of birth - what do you think?


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im american, but half kiwi so i support the All Blacks, however, my second favorite international is Scotland (i think most of my ancestry is scottish, but im not sure), I am trying to get tickets for the 6 nations next year actually... I dont like the Irish because of the dirty whingeing captain of theirs, BOD, he is the dirtiest player i have ever seen, there is a reason he got taken out in the Lions Tour (its unfortunate that he got hurt), but he has a reputation and those players tend to be targeted, but he deserves that special "attention"... however, i think its ok for someone to pick a team, as long as they stick to that team and dont jump the bandwagon of every successful team

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me i play for luton but luv the irish

Whats the best channel to watch rugby on in the USA?

Not really... support the Harlequins locally and of course England everywhere else!

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I live in Leinster i support Leinster but i have a massive soft spot for the Munster lads my son has a munster jersey ! plus Irish rugby is the best !!! We are all celts anyway!

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I'm Welsh and I find ALL rugby is like watching paint dry.

I no ppl will rip it outa me 4 askin, but iv neva rele got in2 rugby, i dnt no y, i ges im jst scared but .

I don't know about Irish rugby, but I'm English and I only like watching the Pacific Island teams or the All Blacks.

Does anyone know anything about youth rugby in the US?

I think you have to support your own country first and then are free to pick which ever teams you like in descending order
for example I support my native land, then Scotland , Wales, France, Italy and England in that order. btw BOD is NOT the dirtiest player ever

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