Can anyone tell me? what are the rules for rugby?

Whenever I see rugby on tv. I am not able to understand how they calculate the points..please help me out


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5 points for a try. (when they run it over the goal line and touch the ball to the ground, it must be touched to the ground with downward pressure from the player)

2 points for the conversion after the try (ball kicked throught the uprights, comes straight out as far as the kicker wants from the point it is touched down. The opposing team can rush the ball as soon as the kicker offers to kick)

3 points for a penalty kick throught the uprights

3 points for a drop kick through the uprights during regular play (ball must touch the ground when dropped for the kick)

This is for Union Rugby, I don't know how league Rugby is scored

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The General Principles

Rugby has two major variations, rugby union and rugby league. League is a game which originated from union but is based on a much different set of principles.'s focus is on Rugby Union. Please contact your local club for additional information concerning our sport and to learn to play safely.

Presented below are the general principles of rugby union matches:

Forward passes are not allowed. Dropping the ball forward is also prohibited and is called a knock-on.

The ball can only be advanced by running or kicking the ball forward.

A tackled runner must immediately release the ball, the tackler must immediately release the tackled player.

Play is continuous, all stoppage of play must be immediately restarted (unless there is an injury).

A scrum restarts play after a forward pass or knock-on, a scrum can also be awarded in other situations.

A lineout restarts play after the ball travels into touch (out of bounds).

No blocking, normally all supporting players must stay behind the ball carrier.

A Try is awarded when the ball is carried or kicked across the goal line and downward pressure applied to the ball. A try is worth 5 points

2 points is awarded for a successful conversion kick after a try.

3 points is awarded for a successful penalty or drop goal kick.

After points are scored, the ball is kicked back to the scoring team (except in sevens).

The game is governed by laws not rules, the referee is the sole enforcer of those laws.

The game clock is kept by the referee on the pitch and is stopped only for injury. The time spent attending to injuries is added to the end of each half and is called injury time.

Two additional judges are utilized on each touchline to signal when the ball has left the field of play, and to assist the referee in various capacities.

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5 points are awarded for a try,( when a player carries the ball over the oppositions try line.) he is then given an opportunity to kick for the post to obtain a further 2 points.
a player can also drop kick the ball over the posts at any time during play for 3 points.
a penalty kick can also be awarded, and if converted is worth 3 points.

hope this helps

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They are simple once u get to know them! Simply, you have to get the ball from your try line to your opponents without passing (or knocking) the ball forwards. Tackle the person with the ball (anywhere below the neck) and try and get the ball back on your teams possesion. The pile up's (rucks) are just the buff men (forwards) trying either to defend their tackled player or steal the ball from the other team.

5 points for a try (getting the ball over your opponents try line)
2 extra points for kicking the ball between the posts AFTER scoring a try.
3 points for kicking the ball between the posts when taken from a penalty.

Those are the bare bones. hope it helps!

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