Why rugby players don't dance after a try?

Question:Soccer players like to perform a lot after a goal. But I noticed that rugby players almost don't do any performance after a try, no poses, no dances. I just want to know why. Is this some kind of tradition?
Actually, I prefer rugby players don't do anything after a try. They really look COOL!!


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1. Rugby players respect their opponents.
2. It's unsportsman like.
3. It's a waste of energy.
4. It's a long game and if you're an a**, someone will sort you out.
5. It could result in a penalty if the ref viewed it as 'ungentlemanly conduct'.
6. Most Rugby players view a try as a culmination of a team effort rather than a personal accomplishment.
7. And Jurie_B's point about soccer players being premadonnas.

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Because they are tired

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My personal opinion, is that rugby players arent such premadonnas as their soccer counterparts and dont find the need to craddle a baby or have a dive at the cornerflag, because they already done that scoring the try, so its back to the drawingbord and back with the concentration!

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For those of you that are saying that rugby players don't celebrate after scoring a try, I have just one name for you- Sean Long.

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there are some rugby players out there that will celebrate after a try but those are usually the ones who the other team targets to hit because they just made an *** of themselves.

That and usually when you score a try, you weren't the only one carrying the ball, more of a team effort

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Because it is not american footbaal where they act like freaks after a touch down...

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Why do you think rugby players look down on soccerplayers, cause they are a bunch of prima donna's, I mean, have you seen how they fall down after almost no contact, what a bunch of sissies.
Cheers Schuan

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yeah you must know that rugby is a pure masculin game. and you must act creazy.

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well i play rugby
and the thing is we've already proven ourselves worthy of making the try so we dont wanna look like retarded football players and be little ballerinas after we score. and following the history of the sport in hte "beginning" of rugby nobody really celebrated after scoring a try so we dont really feel like we have to now :]

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its just the fact that in rugby you expect more points to be scored where in Football(Soccer) theres only 2 or 3 goals per game so its a bigger deal.

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The ref's are more strict when it comes to celebrating in Rugby than they are in Soccer.

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SImple respect for yourself, the game of rugby, and the others on the field on both sides. The team made the try - rarely was it one player and it is just a matter of having class.

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Because we are going to party with the other team after the game, and are athletes, rather than actors.

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well i play rugby and for one, rugby is a much much more tough sport than soccer and it sucks out alot of energy just to score a try so 1) they're reli tired and cant be bothered to do fancy celebrations 2) they respect their opponents 3) its a more mature thing to do to not do any fancy celebrations 4) u need to keep ur focus on the game because its a non-stop game unlike soccer where when a team attacks, goalkeepers and defenders do not get much action, thus a rugby player cannot afford to lose concentration in trying to be fanciful

yep (:

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They're to stupid to notice that they have anything to celebrate.

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