Can anyone tell me whether the Springboks (SA National Rugby Team) are still subjected to iniation?

Where can I find info on what new "Springboks" used to go through?


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No, at least not to the extent that they used to anyway.
It all changed apparently when Bobby Skinstad was selected for the Boks and Nick Mallet was coach. They complained that the initiation at that time was too rough and unneccessary.

Apparently, before then, the initiations were quite tough and involved lots of pain and alcohol (although I heard that Joost mixed Nesquick and some other stuff for non-alcohol drinkers like Breyton Paulse which apparently tasted cr@p).
The team would select a "judge" who was usually a hardcore senior player. Some past "judges" were James Dalton, James Small and Mark Andrews. They would make you do stupid stuff and ask you difficult questions. For example, one player had to put a blazer over his head, twirl around and throw darts around his feet. And Jaco van der Westuyzen was asked "Do you think you are better than Joost because your surname has a "y" and not an "i" like with Joost's surname?"
Then the new player "learnt the name of Danie Craven's dog." (which was bliksem by the way)

Afterwards, the team all sang the Springbok song which I believe was adapted from an Aussie Rugby League team.
A couple of lines went something like:
"The Springbok boys are happy!"
"Come and have a drink with me"

As for the current Boks, I don't believe that they do anything as tough and difficult although they would probably still have a handing over ceremony of the first cap and singing the Bok song to make the new boy feel part of the team.


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