Are there any differences between 7s and full side rugby?

other than the number of players


Why the hell?

Matches are shorter, 7 or 10 mins, (normally 7, finals longer) each way.

Players who get receive yellow cards spend 2 mins in sin bin insted of 10.

Referees give far less time to play the ball in rucks and mauls, to encourage quicker play.

Drop kicks only, no place kicks at goal.

There used to be a rule where the team scoring kicked off rather than the conceeding team but I can remember if they still use it.

Who likes rugby?

Pretty much what he said plus the fact that scrums involve a prop, a hooker, and a prop on each side. There is also 1 pod in 7's for the lineouts.

Does anyone know any sites that play live stream Super 14 rugby?

same rules apply

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