Any rugby players want to sell me their used,sweaty jock straps of underpants?


Why is there so many different types of rugby?

I think you should have to sneak around the locker rooms and steal them like all the other sweaty men's underwear collecting folks out there!

If the all blacks are allowed to do the haka before every match.?

are you serious? and more to the question..are you really expecting any serious answers to this? i will have fun reading the responses

Do boys find girls who play rugby attractive?

ewwwwwww no answer to that.......

Hope LLanelli lift the Heineken Cup cos they have been the most entertaining all season. Who is with me?

No problem but you have to arrange for their transport as hazardous goods.

Why did the University of Notre Dame rugby team get banned?

it takes allsorts to make the world go round

Will England keep the title?

You and bula could get together and have a ball with all that unwashed underwear! Look up his question, go on you know you want to!

What is the best thing about Rugby?

As luck may have it, I am in the used jock strap trade and have a fine selection available. Give me your address and I'll send you a catalogue, along with a free sample (no rubbish, it's still moist)

What are some good practice drills for forward rugby players?

yeah ill send u my good luck ones i haventn washed them in 3yrs, whats ur address??

Why don't the Lions play in the World Cup?

How much are you willing to pay??

Can someone invite me to aussietorrents?

if u r a girl, yes.
if u r a boy, nonononononononononoonnononoon... and no

Could some1 explain the basics of rugby to me in less that 100 words?


I wanna watch rugby online?

yes how many you want and how much you wanna pay?

I need pictures of st.peters rugby team in srilanka?

Starwolf, you should have chosen a better alias for your gay tendencies, something like: I like bonding with other males?

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