Can huddersfield win on sunday in the rugby cup s/f?


Should Andy Robinson stay as England Coach??

Course they can win. They beat St helens earlier on in the season, So why cant they beat Leeds?

Any super league team can beat another on any given day. Its about preparing right and focusing on the game. Dont get to hyped up or you will be to intense and make easy mistakes.

Besides its a cup tie and anything can happen on cup day, Everyone knows that. Look at HKR for example against Warrington , and the the other week against Leigh.

You know what i mean.

Was Willie Mason's punishment just right or too soft?


Why aren't Argentine "Pumas" playing in Tri-Nations?

who cares?does huddersfield really exist?is it in ingerlund?does it matter?

Scrum half tips?

If they were playing Castleford they would have no chance of winning :)

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They can win, but they won't.

How popular is rugby in america?

i rarely watch league but i will be watching huddersfield spank * on sunday.

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