Any rugby fans follow the ospreys?


Is Willy Mason the ugliest man in Rugby League, if not who is?

I am and I tried it only last week. But it flew over a hill and I couldn't see it anymore. If it comes back I'll have another go. I've made some wings out of a couple of planks and covered them in feathers from a pillow. I'll strap them to my arms with belts. I've also made a beak out of yellow card rolled into a cone shape and borrowed some flippers to wear on my feet. Hopefully I'll be able to follow for a bit longer this time. Give it a go yourself. Happy flying

What should i bet on a rugby game??

You mean Gavin Henson?

Why has'nt hasem el masri ever been picked to play origin?

Not a chance, even though I live in Swansea...

What does the latest Scottish rugby shirt look like?

Seen them on television a few times.

Has the glasgow v ipswich rugby game been cancelled?

No way! I'm a Wasps girl all the way! Sorry!

Y the hell do european guys play rugby?

Yes, going all the way this year with some really good signings.

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