Can the All blacks win the tri-nations again? Or will the wallabies beat them?

The all blacks only depend on one person: carter


How do I go about setting up a cheerleading squad to support my church rugby team?

all blacks will win, they have already beaten both teams and are on a roll

Gareth "Alfie" Thomas...?

all blacks

Ireland match?

wallabies we will see you gone get the hand bag.

What channel will the 2007 Rugby World Cup be shown on ?

The All Blacks will win of course. Their team is great now.

Gooooo... All Blacks!

What is touch ruby? how do you play touch ruby?

is there REALLY a need to ask?? what a silly question.. of course all blacks will win. look at their track record!

Who think's Australia stands a remote chance at beating New Zealand today?

Springboks will annihilate the Kiwis and Wallabies in their home games and win the 2006 Tri-nations.

Should 6nations be a European Tournament?

all blacks will easily win dan carter and the power up front in the pack will be to strong for the they better win cos ive got £10 that they will win haha

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