Best group of guys on a US Rugby Club?

Question:I'll take the Portland Pigs.decent team that seems to always be enjoying themselves.


Please explain a line-out & a scrum to me..?

I think almost evryone would pick the team they aremost associated with, so for me it would be the Bay Area Pelicans (aka St.Pete Pelicans) But I have to say Providence Rugby is pretty cool too because they let my boyfriend play in one of their B-side matches when he was up there on vacation.

Does Richie mccaw have a girlfriend 12/06??

That's what's most important!

Let's see...well, I am biased being a part of the Detroit RFC. We have two men's sides, an old boys and a women's side. Also 5 high school teams affiliated. Not super huge, and the men aren't that great on the pitch, but everyone hangs out and does a ton of social stuff! The men even travelled all over to watch the women in the playoffs! I like our club cohesiveness. It makes it possible for us to be successful on and off the pitch.

Other fav men's clubs:

Buffalo Men's - Great sponsor pub, cool town, nice guys - could be more social
Detroit Tradesmen - Great talent, nice guys - could be more social
Grand Rapids - One of the best in the Midwest - super talented - super social
Chicago South Side Irish - great pub, nice guys

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