Are Australians the best rugby players?

Can you see them play in America?


5'3, 103 many of y'all would it take to lift me above your head?

Australia certainly is just as good as the best in the world, I would always place a bet on their abilities to beat everyone, I would rate them on par with New Zealand and South Africa, slightly above England, ireland and France.

Maybe on cable you will be able to watch the greatest game in the world. Australia vs the Springboks. It is just a pitty that the avarage yank can't see it!!

Surely Robinson has to fall on his sword now??

america knows nothing about rugby

Wales 29-Australia29. Watched it?

No, they are not. Some individuals may be great, but as a whole, they are about average.

Why are wales no longer any good at rugby?

we will have to wait for some event like worldcup for rugby ... then we will know who is the best ... and during that time we can see Aussies are playing rugby in America ... :)

What time does england play all blacks in rugby at twickenham this Sunday 5 november 2006?

Nope, it's the New Zealand A L L B L A C K S .

Who to win rugby World cup? Being a Saffa, I say the 'boks, of course!?

I'm preetty sure there good and no you can't see them in america

Thanks v much for St Helens replies but can you help with .?

hell no! the best rugby players are the SAMOANS.

Who is the reigning Olympic champions in rugby?

Stephen Larkham is the best player in the world and he plays for the Wallabies (Australia).!!

So yes Australia is the best at rugby in the world.

Rugby in the USA would be rare.

What do you ladies do while the men are watching Rugby?

Australians are very talented but in England there is more focus on rugby than any other sport. Also England has the hardest rugby union competition in the world

Rugby vs football?

i wouldnt say that they're the best at the moment but their definitely contenders for the world cup next year.

America played in the rugby world cup 2003 so you probably could see some rugby on cable there.

Do u think J P R Wiliams is the hardest fullback in the history of rugby?

The best players are the Maories, Australia is a great team though.
If you mean US by america I doubt you'll have the chance to see them... but time to time they come down here to Argentina.

How many minutesdoes it take to play a rugby league match?

as no one seems to know what they are talking about ill answer your question. no australia are not the best rugby players in the world. firstly the all blacks are much bette than them. south africa on the other hand has the best team in the world with teh best players. not only do they have the best in the IRB but they are raising their players through the ranks. look at their u/21 team who whooped the baby all blacks to make it to the final to defend their title. can you imagine how good the springboks will be when all their u/21 players become part of the springboks. can anyone say "UNSTOPPABLE!"

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