Anyone have suggestions on how to become a better scrum half? I just started playing last semester.?


Are they just saying hello?

1. Get the ball off the ground as first as possible
2. Keep in communication with your fly-half to know his position.
3. Talk to your forwards and inform them of where you expect the next setpiece to be depending on the move you are doing..for rucking to be efficient.
4. Push your forwards to the edge whenever they are mauling..ask for the ball to be channeled ans sl;ap them to push harder.
5. Try to get the ball of the ground in one motion to the fly in dont lift the ball then flow it.
6. Compose are the pacesetter...this is so as to give the game a good pace comfortable for your team players.
7. Play for fun...dont trouble yourself with thoughts of letting the team did your best.

All Blacks vs England?

Check out the old films or video of Sid Going, All Black 1970's.
Most outstanding halfback ever to play the game.

Im wearing really tight underware...?

Study video material. Remember, there are all sorts of scrumhalves. The passer, gamebreaker, defender ect. Study the defence and attack of scrumhalves. You can also buy a heavier rugbyball to practise your pasing with. I know such balls are not common, so just fill a normal one with water. You will be pasing torpedoes like none other.

Why is rugby a weak sport?

you must know how to spin pass with both your hands first for long passes, you must be dynamic in the game follow all the movement in the game, be fit, know how to tacle and block tacles, cause many people like tacling the scum half is so great cause they are often the thinnest in the field, know your moves, always talk with your players, backs and fowards!yeah that's all i know i think you'll be satisfied and be the best11111.

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