Have you heard the best song in the world?

The ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny. If not, go to ultimateshowdownofultimatedest...


That girl sings beautifully at the start of the game, and are`nt the red shirts nice against the green grass?

godzilla was hoping aroung tokyo city like a big playgroun, i live that sone i memeroized it by heart

Can some body give me a quick run down off the rule of ruby thanks?


Why are Rugby League players considered to be fitter than their Union counterparts?


Nick Easter has been selected to play for England...?


Any rugby players want to sell me their used,sweaty jock straps of underpants?

no i haven't but i don't really care to be honest with you and i don't give a damm about rugby soz i just don't like it.

Rugby and creatine?

kind of a kids song.

What do you all think about italian rugby team?

yeah, i did. i am in the medical field and i happen to witness the birth of a baby boy, in the background i heard the song 'hero by mariah carey' when i asked the nurse in charge why was the song being played during birth, she said the mother had requested for it and it greatly helped her during her labor.. but when i though about it, the best part of the song was in the chorus the same time the baby was born, his first cry..

a baby born, his first cry the most beautiful song in the world..

How many points are scored with a try in rugby union?


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