Any rugby movies around?

hey guys, d'you know any movies that have anythin to do with rugby?


Do you think rugby should be ban because it leads to...?

yeah, it is called number ten. It is a South African movie, starring a South African actor, Colin Moss. I don't know if you get it overseas, but you can try finding it on amazon or ask a South African friend to get it for you.

I guess to NZ rugb league fans?

Hi there are loads of places to search:
or any nations website (US, Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland, France) or the BBC website for online rugby clips I think the BBC also have an online shop you can purchase from.

Can anyone tell me where I can find the 1976/77 English Rugby League tables ?

This Sporting life- is about a rugby league player in northern England. The main character is played by Richard Harris.
The film was shot in black and white.

Does anyone know anything about france being kicked out of the six nations (in rugby) in 1932??

Does Alive count? The main characters were all from a rugby team.

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