Does anybody know a cheap way of getting to france for the world cup?

I don't


Has Breyton Paulse ever played for the sharks?

Ryanair are good and fly for real cheap if you book early enough, though the flights are only available online 3 months before you leave. The alternatives are a little more expensive, like easyjet and bmi baby, etc.

One thing you might like to try is the dover-calais crossing, it can cost as little as a pound. Also there are loads of cheap ferries and eurolines busses. I would recommend renting a camper van and driving via dover, then you don't have to worry about hotels, only booze and tickets. Alternatively watch the games in wales and scotland.

Surely Mr Jenkins has to go!! And his jester Rowland Phillips??

I wish I knew, as I SO want to go too lol

Does anyone know of any Christmas dinner clothes websites?

Ryanair, Easyjet, bmibaby, ...

With the World Cup drawing closer are the All Blacks on track to choke?

Walk and sneak in!!

Need some swiss ball exercises?

Thanks for answering my Curling question so rudely.
I wasn't trying to be funny. And I'm not an idiot.
It was a legitimate question!
And by the way, you're a
CHEAPskate! AND AN A**!

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