Also, that one who sings the welsh anthem at rugby matches is unreal?


Why and how is sport an enterprise?

She has a large following with all rugby fans not just the Welsh. There's always a reaction to the first Gwlad she sings in the anthem, either a big cheer or grown men falling to their knees. Neath girl as well so she must be dirty.
Anyways, to answer your question; yes, she is real, I've seen her.

How can I find out how rugby is played?

Katherine Jenkins! She makes me want to poke my eyes out with a spoon- she's vile! That big wonky painted on pillar box red mouth screeching away. Good Lord! I won't have her name mentioned in my house!

And she's on everything in Wales!- everytime something gets opened or built or anything she's there gurning away like a loon.

Each to their own though, come over to Cardiff and take her away please.

Who watched the tri-nations final?

His name is Bob

Random Question: Does anyone on here support Hull FC?

Katherine Jenkins? She's alright - the perfect kind of singer for something like that I guess. She seems to have become some sort of mascot for the team!

Check out for more information about her.

England rugby (whats left of it)?

Cannot understand why the WRU do this....leave it to the crowd I say, she should stick to opera!

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