Can anyone suggest a training programme for getting fit to play rugby union?


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Depends on position.

Proper Player (forward). Constantly on the go for the entire match, with occasional bursts of intense activity. Concentrate on aerobic activities, interspersed with short anaerobic bursts.
Try Line to 22m at 50% effort
22m to half way 75% effort.
At half way line10 reps of pressup, ab crunchies, squat thrust.
Increase by 2 per session.
Turn round and repeat back to the try line.
Look to work for 15 minutes, increasing by 5 minutes per session until you are up to 45 minutes
(that is more than a half - train hard, play easy)
On alternate days, do some weights or cycling.
Have one day a week of complete rest.
Make sure you warm up and DOWN.

Girly player (back).
Practice standing round looking cool.
Maybe take a course in hairdressing.
Occasionally do a few 10m sprints.

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In your training you must lie on the ground every morning (preferably on big stones) and allow all of your neighbors to kick you in the head 10 times. Advanced training will include the same a second time in the evening..GOOD LUCK!!

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Play a lot of rugby!!

Johnny Wilkinson?

email me and I can send you a good programe

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