Anyone heard of Rugby League? What about Rugby Union and the All Blacks?

I live in New Zealand(Previous Americas Cup holders?) and these are two of our national sports - they're like Gridiron..without the pads!! Feedback from my American friends will be varied and interesting I'm sure - would love to hear from ya's either way.


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AH! i love the sport of rugby, i play wing and scrum-half. Greatest game ever, i was born and raised in the US as were my parents. I discovered the game at my former high school in Philadelphia, PA. We have a huge league and popularity is growing. I found it hard to learn the rules because ppl were telling me them, once you play you completely understand. I love rugby,
On the note of the league, i envy you, you can watch real rugby, here we just have shitty teams. Unless i pay loads of money i cant even watch it on the TV.

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Yes I heard of the All Blacks , because I was able to watch the 1995 Rugby Word Cup and a good friend of mine taught me the rules. It was great to see this sport played at such an elite level one player really stood out Johnah Lomu.

Ever since then you've to pay allot of money to watch Rugby on satellite TV. I just don't think the 2007 Rugby World Cup will be on the regular sports stations especially since it's right in the middle of PRO-College American Football. Most people don't even know the American Eagles qualified.

I'm just not that familiar with Rugby league other then is that played between clubs and Union is between nations? Rugby Sevens know that's a sport I would like to see in the Olympics based on its global appeal plus how fast and high scoring it's.

One of the things I find interesting is the role culture plays in sport. If the British made Hawaii a colony those guys would be playing Rugby instead of FOOTBALL.

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Of course. A team was recently started in my area. I am a sub, but play prop or flanker. Have always loved watching it, now starting to play at 42.

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well, i play Union but i like to watch league as well.:) nd yeah. go da all blacks!!!:)

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yeh bo! live in Oz League is more popular than Union that's for sure but i play Union in the backs, 2nd five, outside, wing or fullback. glad to c there are some Americans who recognise REAL contact sport :p

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