Anyone know any good sites that give tips on rugby training?

I've been out of the game for a while and am looking for some tips on getting in shape to play again, any info would be greatly appreciated


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As a coach i use this book:

Complete Conditioning for Rugby by Dan Luger and Paul T. Pook (Paperback - 31 May 2004

it is very good and covers all topics you could ever imagine from warming up/cooling down to specific workouts for different positions.

use it for a few weeks and then explode onto the scene pre season with your new club.

good luck and happy training

PS. Amazon has the book in stock if you require more information

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There are some good training sites out there.
Most however are aimed at team plays not individual.
I would just go along to your local club now and start getting involved in the warm ups with the selected age group and level you require to play at.

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