Are the Springboks the greatest rugby team that ever was? Yes or No?


Who is the best idol for a 15 years oldie's ruggers?

People, people. Dont be so quick to diss the Springboks. They do hold the world record for the most consecutive test match wins (along with New Zealand) at 17. they might not be the best at the moment, but you can't argue with the record books.

When in rugby union did they stop awarding points for a Field goal that is when a player hacked on and it Con?


Who is the reigning Olympic champions in rugby?


Anyone know of a site where I can watch live rugby games on-line for free? or download old games?


How many substitutes are allowed in rugby union league games?

No they most certainly are not.

When was the last time the team on the bottom of the NRL ladder defeated the team on the top.?

No way...did you see how they got smacked by Australia the other day??

No more NRL on Sky Sports.!?

What rock have you been under. Or was it a lump of Springbok sh@#. HA

How do you get super sayain5 on dragonballz budokai tenkaichi2?

of course die beste

Who is going to win the rugby world cup and why do you think so?


Why was there a bull on the field before the Wales vs NZ match?

No, they are hopeless, lost their way a while ago and don't look like finding it again.

Impartial commentary!?

Nope,, but any one can dream myself included

Best group of guys on a US Rugby Club?


Anyone in the USA know what USA broadcasters will show the rugby world cup?

no australia are,2 world cups u know

Ameteur photographer seeks mens clothing?

Hell No!
If it wasn't for that hopeless ref , the Kiwi's would have won.
It was sickening to see how many times the ref let the Bok's play off-side in the second half.
....and don't get me started on the TV judge.... he too is a #*`%@~ who needs to learn more about Rugby....

Republic of Ireland rugby team??

no, New Zealand has been the best since they started to play in 1905, they have been the most dominant team ever and have more wins than anyone

Does anyone know if you can watch Eng vs S Africa on terrestrial tv any time this weekend ? Ta?

No. Their reputation is more for thuggery over the years. You know-biting peoples ears off etc.

Is jonno gibbs coming to the ospreys or what?

Ok you have got to stop with all the questions and as you can see, no one thinks the sporingboks are that good.

All Blacks Team?


Welsh rugby players from 1974?

No the All Black Team of the late 80's is probably the best of all time closely followed the Welsh side of the early 70's
This Welsh side was arguably the greatest running rugby side to ever grace a rugby field and had a very good set of forwards. However the All Blacks 0f 1986-89 would have beaten them.
The Wallaby side from 1984-86 was also a superb side. They went through a tour of Great Britain and France Undefeated beating the 4 Home Nations and France easily. They are also responsible for reinvigorating the the 15 man game. In the 8 years after the great Welsh sides of 1969-76 Rugby had become very much a territory game with the fly half kicking a great deal for position. However The Australians developed a wonderful running game lead by Mark Ella, who probably along with Barry John of Wales, was the best fly half to ever pull on a boot.
I had the privelge of playing against Mark, Garry and Glen Ella at school boy level, and watching them play for Randwick all their careers and Mark was freakish. The 3 brothers played like they were telepathic.

Have the All Blacks started their warm-ups yet?

Lmao.What a silly question.All you have to do is check out any rugby website and you will the answer which of course is NO.

What are the rules of auskick?

no the all blacks

Can anyone translate the new zealand haka into english for me plz?

no. that would be the welsh team in the seventies

What is your favourite rugby league team in the world?

hell no must be the all blacks

Has anyone got the address for Namibia RFU?


Rugby as a sport is given the cold shoulder in suffolk. why?


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