Any springbok fans out here?

do you share my pride of the boks?we are getting back on track and at this rate we are going to be a force to reckon with in the next world cup.


What is the only trick to be named after a player?

o yes, i am currently living in the usa and still miss the bokke, would give anything to go wathc a live game or even on tv. i dont care who says what about, the bokke always stays bo.

How do I go about joining a rugby club in Barcelona?

Yes hopefully Ireland won't beat us again - that was ghastly!

Rugby tours before the world cup?

Yes yes and yes, loads in this house, tell me do you have a 360 page, are you a South African, so many of them don't have a page so I can't get to be their friend. I'll have a check and invite you if you have,

Can anyone tell me how to watch the live super14s rugby through the internet?

no tah

Will wigan rugby legue go down?

your question should be are there any bok fans still living in south africa or have they all moved to England to live off our benefit system

How much do English / Australian Rugby League players get paid?

to be honest, i thought the boks had abit of luck in beating NZ 21-20...but hell yeah, they still did it.

oh, hopefully schalk burger recovers FAST. the team doesnt have a really natural no.7 (openside).

schalk burger is awesome

Who will win between munster and leinster on sunday?

Go boks, leka game against the aussie...

Who were the best welsh rugby players 1/2 years ago that are still playing now?

im worried about next year, the boks are gonna be dangerous again, I will agree that Schalk Burger is amazing and nearly the equal of McCaw in the loose, if the AB's line out dosnt get better, i think SA has a great shot to win the world cup

Where can I find the official rules of rugby?

Yes, the Boks will always be my number one team in the world!!

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