After losing in the 1999 rugby world cup semi final to France, the All Blacks claimed that?

Question:the french players were grabbing their private parts and thats the reason why they lost.
the all blacks had some other ludicrous reasons for losing in the past.
what do you guys make of this ?


Do you think rugby should be ban because it leads to...?

They need to stop complaining. Rugby is a game not for the faint of heart, if they are saying that it is the only time it happens in the bottom of rucks and mauls then it is ridiculous. It happens all the time. Maybe they should wear cups this year and cook their own food so they dont have an excuse if they lose. (Although I highly doubt the all-blacks will lose this RWC).

Is anyone going to the 'Grand Final' at Old Trafford next week ??

what a load of bolox

Are there any rugby clubs in Majorca?

All blacks excuses:

1991: English meat poisoning
1995: bok burger poisoning
1999: escargot poisoning / soft nuts
2003: wallaby poisoning

conclusion. All Blacks do not have the balls or stomach to win a World Cup when it counts!

Who thinks that we should have separate categories for rugby union and rugby league?

the all blacks won the very first rugby world cup and they are going to win this year

Are bladed boots still legal within rugby union this coming season?

People are just trying to make the allblacks look like sore losers!
We are the greatest team in the world, we have just happened to have a few hiccups on the way in world cups.
As for the SA world cup which we lost there was about 5 or 6 of the team who actually did get food poisoning, seems pretty sus to me

Does jean de villiers have a girlfriend?

What do you call 15 guys sitting around a TV watching the RWC final?

The All Blacks ;-)

"The All Blacks won the very first RWC"
(But that was 20 years ago, and they haven't won it since!)

Australia 2 - NZ 1

Howver, to be fair, I must admit the Kiwis do have the best team in the world at the moment, we'll just have to wait & see what happens in October.... Bring it on!

(Happy ANZAC Day my Kiwi friends.... Lest We Forget)

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