A kind of dance in a rugby match?

Question:Whether in a baseball game or a rugby match, the dance will circle the stadium many times, like waves. Fans stand up and sit down. It creates a brilliant atmosphere :)

What's the name of the dance?

Thanks a lot !


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mexican wave, been in ciculation since 1970s

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mexican wave

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The only dance at any Rugby match is The Haka, a Maori dance performed before going into battle!

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The name is "the wave" as you said is like a wave, because of this its name

I need training help i guess.?

Its called the Mexican Wave ,it was created in the 1986 World Cup which was held in Mexico(i think) i hope this has helped ease your dilemma.

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If it is a Rugby match it is most lickely that some one has wafted his fart to the person to the left. The person to left wafts it again to the person to the left. This goes right round to ground.

At a Baseball ground some one wispers " if you are gay, please stand up"

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mexican wave!!!!

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