Any Wales rugby songs?

Question:I heard a fan singing a song in the Millennium stadium, when the rugby match held this night.

It's not national anthem of Wales, and it seems to be very popular among Welsh fans.

When the man was singing, other fans follows his song.

any clue ? sorry, I don't know the lyrics.

another question plus,
some fans shouted some words.
sounds like"okay" and other fans would echo "okay"

what does that mean?

any Welsh fan can anwser please?


Scotland vs Ireland?

If it was a rugby match they were probably singing 'bread of heaven' or 'hymns and arias'. The other thing is oggy oggy oggy. Doesn't actually mean anything sorry.

Whats better than a headbutt to the eye ball?

Dunno about the song, but they could of been shouting
"Oggy Oggy Oggy"
"Oi Oi Oi"


Can anyone tell me? what are the rules for rugby?

Its likely it was "Bread of heaven" it was sang when I watched Wales vs. Pacific Islands

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