Anyone here?

shi*e at playing rugby?


Who will win the Rugby World Cup next year in France?

Ho bloody ho.

For all you know we might have won today!!

But we didn't, in fact, we got hammerred. Still, it's the beers that count.

Just how dangerous is rugby?

Dunno if any of the english players are on here!

I ur dreams chrisy boy, in your dreams

Will AFL EVER overtake rugby league in Sydney?


Are there any non-college-affiliated women's rugby teams in the US (particularly the Midwest)?

I used to be quite good at school - until during competitive matches and they made me take my glasses off - couldn't see a **** thing! Suprisingly my game level dropped a bit.

Who was the last player to play both international rugby union and association football for England?


What are the opinions of everyone on Eddie Butler and Brian Moore as a commentating team?

Me, I'm unbelievably ** at rugby.

The Kiwis are recreating the All Golds tour at the end of the season - what are the All Golds?


How Many Welsh Fans will Boo the Haka?

I bet on England today. I guess that makes me a shi*e.

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