A British Haka?

Any suggestions for a British response to the Haka? I think it would be hilarious if thr Great Britain team did the Hokey Cokey whilst the Kiwis were doing the Hakka before we whup them on Saturday.


Your forecast for the 6 Nations' winner?

Yes, the kiwis would be knocked out by laughing

What is the difference between rugby boots and football boots?

No better the giggy gig !!

What amateur rugby teams exist in the N.H. seacoast area?

They should do morris dancing, this should send the All Blacks into such a fit of giggles that they won't be able to play.

Did any one see the Munster/ Bourgoin match?

I thought they were playing France?

Do you think the French will win the 6 nation cup ?

I agree, Morris Dancing. we could beat those girly all blacks with "bells on" then.

Do men, sometime get off on the sight of a rugby game,?


Scottish drunks parade past my flat every night singing, so let them sing.

And sing they did on the match spoken about

"God Save the Queen"

Do you think that the northern Ireland should sing the Irish national anthem rather then having 2 and why?

To counter the Haka would be disrespectful and childish.
Better still to beat them on the pitch, that is assuming that Ashley "Where's my white stick and labrador" isn't refereeing.

Why is the English national rugby team's logo O2? Does it mean anything?

I dont remember who it was but one team started walking away from the all blacks when they did the haka.

All blacks reserve flanker?

A friend of mine's team did a 'haka' with 'Humpty Dumpty' as the words at the beginning of a tour game once... As for England, a bit of Morris Dancing at the start would scare the bejezus out of most civilized folk.

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