Can i play rugby?

Question:my friend and i want to try new adventrous sports and finally we made a decision.Both of us want to try RUGBY.Rough and tough sport indeed.My friend and i are both sprinter and soccer player for my university teams.Im 5'6'' 140lbs.I wonder if i can play rugby and which position is the best for me?
I got the stamina, agility and the speed for the game, just that im lacked of strenght.


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Well with the measurements you've given, you both seem destined for the backline. Thats good though - the girls prefer backs and the professional clubs spend more money on them too. And they get all the glory! :-) It sounds to me with your sprinting and agility you'd be best to try either wing or maybe fullback. I'd start with wing. Thats the position that is on the edge of the field, usually you will receive a pass and have to sprint down the touchline avoiding tackes and hopefully out pacing the defence, going over for a try.
If you beefed up a little, maybe centre as well. Most of the other positions you will be too light for.
Best advice - give 'touch rugby' a go - a great way to get a handle on the ball skills and tactics involved, without getting crunched by a ten tonne gorilla on your first day. And have some fun!
Rugger is a great game.

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of course anyone can play...but you won't be able to play for a team...not anytime soon since you don't know too much about the game, you have never played before and you will have to pack on some weight and or muscle for any position. I would first suggest you and your friend even though you are both smaller than even the smallest rugby players...just take a football or rugby ball and tackle each other at full speed. You will see how it feels to get hit, not realistically of course since you both are like I said too light. But that would be a good place to start.

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I'm afraid you are a bit small at the moment but with training add about 20lbs of muscle and you could be good, best suggestion would be to try out for a number of positions and see which is suitable for you, possibly scrum half if you can pass a ball, full back if you can catch and kick or wing for the pace. Until you learn the game better stay away from playing centre, they get the most ball but also need to be able to read a game well in order to use the possession.

Stay away from the forwards, you're about 100lbs to small for them. I'm 196cm and 184lbs and i'm considered small!!

What ever you do, enjoy the game!!

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well my partner is 5 foot 9 and he plays professionally and he plays on the wing but he has got the most amount of strength and is very very fast i think you need speed on the wing but you also need alot of strength to tackle! perhaps build yourself up doing lots of weights and squats but if you are not looking into it professionally apparently wingers on local teams dont get the ball hope i helped x

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Despite the general misconceptions you do not have to be a large person to play rugby. Generally the forwards, or the people in the pack are larger, these are the people who form the scrums. A person of your size would probably make an excellent back player, such as a winger. In fact we have a guy on our team that is just about your size and one of the best players. Anyone who thinks you need to be overly huge must not have ever heard of Pete Stringer. Stamina, agility and speed are essential. As far as learning the sport, I would reccomend finding a rugby club in your area and going out to a few practices. Most clubs are willing to train new players. The only way you'll learn is to get out there and see if you like it.

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dude you and ur friend are sprinters if they cant catch u the best positions are the wings

How about?

If you two are fast then why not be wingers?

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