Amateur Rugby (Union) Clubs - How not to rock the boat?

Question:Last season i was playing second team rugby and improving every week. Unfortunately i broke my ankle and this season im down in the third team. The 'thirds' are unfit and unskilled (more than half of them) and have no intention or real ability so i end up with no support during a game (im an open side flanker) as the rest of the forwards are peeling themselves off the floor after the last breakdown.

Now do. i speak to the 2nd team captain/selection manager about my situation or do i just wait to be selected?


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Talk him/her and explain your situation.

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Speak to him.

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You've got to be English to whinge like that! lol
Just keep playing your best, and your turn will come again - or go and play in Scotland - easy to get in up there!

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If you are confident in your ability and you were playing regular 2nd team before your injury you should speak up for yourself.You would be well served serving bench time and coming on for periods to prove a,your ankle is up to it and b,the 2nd team need your skills.Otherwise you will eventually get fed up with getting nowhere and become a couch potato.

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Speak to the second team Captain/ selection manager. You should not have been down graded to the third team through no fault of your own. A ankle can heal. Good players hard to find.
He may be testing you to see if you are truly determined to play rugby to work you way up to the first team through hard grit determination or if you are just playing it for something to do to eleviate boredom.

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Firstly dont call your team mates and dont complain , one day you may need them. If your good enough you will get picked.

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"IF" your good enough you'll be selected

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