By population who do you think is the greatest rugby playing nation in the world?

the reason for this question is i am bored with all this talk about millionaire ballerinas kicking a round ball[ football world cup]


Dislocated shoulder - should I still play?

15's...New Zealand
7's Fiji

Who will the 49ers draft this years?

I'd say New Zealand. If I were on the opposing team and they started doing the Hakka (sp?), I think I'd just turn around and go home.

Where and when can u get Broncos tickets?

Ireland, by far. Used to frequent a bar/pub in Ft. Wayne, IN. where I resided for 12 years called "O'Sullivans". Had a kick *** rugby team. These guys are tough. Ice hockey is tough. Lose the equipment in hockey, and you have hockey without ice. These rugby guys would beat the living crap out of any "badboy" hockey dudes, no problem. Rugby players don't have "gaps" in their teeth, they have none at all.....They told me they can drink faster without anything blocking their throats.

Its unfair!!:D?

By population........ New Zealand (per capita)
By Skill....... Australia (of course)

Rugby for Girls?


Where can i buy a powers whiskey rugby top from ?

New Zealand, football is their national sport, its in their blood

Where can i get an invite to 6 nations rugby match?

definitaley south africa.

Rugby - Oh dear England...?

The Land of the Springbok, South Africa!!!

Ben cohen england rugby player, is he married?

South Africa!!

It is bigger than religion. ships it is a religion...

It is bigger than war . ships it is a war!!

ok its bigger than football,

Thank heaven it isn't football!!

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